April and May 2019 with many events and good results

In the last few weeks there’s been a lot of movement among the players of the Elite International Golf Academy throughout the Spanish geography: Spanish Championships, Catalan Ranking, Andorra events, PGA Leagues … and at the Academy we are feeling proud. Keep going!

In mid-April Erik Shukhart won the Trofeo de Primavera del Circuito Nacional Crédit Andorra at Aravell Golf, and Vladimir Taldykin won the junior title.

Then Vladimir Taldykin (picture 1), with two rounds of 84 and 82 and 166 strokes, two strokes away from the winner, qualified 3rd in the 3rd Category Catalunya Championship, held at the beginning of May at CG Llavaneras; while Joan Panisello finished 22nd with 180 hits. Vladimir has been playing golf for only two years and is already handicap 13.1. Great job!


In the Under-16 Women’s Spanish Championship, held at CG Playa Serena (Almeria), also at the beginning of May, the EIBGA was represented by Alisa Khokhlova (picture 2), who had her best day on the last round, with an excellent 72, finishing in a very good 15th place with 228 strokes.

In the Under-16 Spanish Men’s Championship, held at Almerimar Golf (Almería), we had Maxim Danilin, who worked his way up to the 46th place.

Previously our girls were also in the Under-18 Women’s Spanish Championship, in Font del Llop (Alicante), where Alisa Khokhlova finished 12th and Nina Rissi finished 21st.

In the 2º Puntuable Zonal Juvenil RFEG 2019 at the beginning of April in Vallromanes, Maxim Danilin was second with 150 strokes and Álvaro Palomar 5º with 151 strokes in Male Sub-16; while Alisa Khokhlova also finished 2nd with 150 strokes in Female Sub-16.

And finally, on Wednesday, May 1st, we were in the Catalunya PGA Leagues, held at Can Cuyas Golf (Barcelona), with Marc Pantaleoni 3rd in Under-21, Álvaro Palomar was 1st and Vladimir Taldykin 3rd in Under-16; Joan Panisello 3rd in Under-14, and Danil Taldykin 8th in Under-12.

Very proud of you all!!!