Catalunya, Sub18 Spanish Champion with Maxim Danilin

At EIBGA we are immensely proud of Catalonia, the new Spanish under-18 male champion, after an epic comeback against Andalusia, with our player Maxim Danilin (at the picture the first one on the left) as the main protagonist. Maxim, from Russia, is the first international player to represent the Catalan team in an inter-territorial event, and his last putt led the team to victory at Golf Isla Valdecañas (Caceres, Spain).

The team representing the Federació Catalana de Golf has been proclaimed Under-18 Spanish champion of Autonomic Federations, after overcoming Andalusia the 17th of April in an incredible final, recovering from 3-0 against in the morning foursomes, and a turn around in the individual matches in the afternoon, to finish achieving the triumph in the last match (4-5).

The six players (David Puig, Albert Boneta, Agustí Quinquilla, Juan Dalmau, Josep Maria Serra and Maxim Danilin) ​​and the technical staff were fully committed to the challenge, and despite carrying such a disadvantage they kept they spirits up until the last moment and made it.

The team started by losing the three foursomes in the morning. But a talk with the technicians was effective and the points started adding up for the Catalan team, bringing them to a 4-4 tie. In the final match, our Maxim Danilin clinched the sensational triumph for Catalonia.

Congratulations team!