Top-10 for Nina Rissi at the Spanish Women’s Championship 2019

We travelled to Madrid to play a big event, the Spanish Women’s Championship 2019, this year named I Memorial Emma Villacieros, valid for the WAGR, Spanish Ranking and Girl Ranking, with our girls of the EIBGA as players from Catalonia.

In the beautiful Club de Campo Villa de Madrid, from May 27 to 29, where the 2019 Spanish Open will be held, we started out feeling good, with Nina Rissi tenth with 74 and Valeria Biarge, eighteenth with 77, among a draw of 120 players.

In the second round Nina maintained the quality of her game, and with a good 75 (149) with which she climbed one position to ninth place. Valeria also added one more stroke, 78 (155), but went down to 25th place, although with a good game.

In the third round Nina kept the accelerator down, and repeated a 74 (223) to continue climbing positions, up to the seventh. Meanwhile, Valeria added one more shot to the card and with 79 (234) which took her to the 34th place. Of course, both made the cut (settle at +29) and went through full of energy.

And for the last round on Sunday, Nina had another fantastic day with a 75 (298) and finished in the 9th place, the top Catalan in a Spanish Championship, which is terrific, with the winner Maria Villanueva at 280 and the runner-up Carolina Lopez-Chacarra at 289. On the other hand Valeria did not have her best day, and finished in 51st place with an 86 (320).

Four days of top competition for our young players.
We are very proud of both of them. Go for it, girls!